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ac1 bingo!! (click to enlarge) 

edit   nvm u dont need to click to enlarge its perfectly readable 

turn this into a drinking game and you have a disaster waiting to happen

I hope I can replicate this amazing parking job in me4’s new mako…


when elementary’s sherlock saves a life, his primary instinct is to enfold the victim into his arms and show them they are safe now

whereas bbc sherlock mostly just looks smug at being right again

there it is i put my finger on it

bbc sherlock only cares about being right— if he makes a mistake, his reaction is “damn it i was wrong and everyone saw me not being right”

elementary sherlock cares about seeking justice— if he makes a mistake, his reaction is “shit, i could have sworn we were this close to putting the bad guy away, come on let’s go think some more”

he doesn’t care how he looks, he cares about getting the job done




On my first day working at Disney World I went into the bathroom and accidentally smacked right into Snow White, and she went “Oh fuck!” and almost dropped her Red Bull and that was the beginning of the best job I’ve ever had.

On my first day I was walking and ran into Ariel drinking Starbucks and she said “What’s up bitches”

I want to work at Disney

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I’ll try to post more in english… It’s not my first language, so if you see any mistakes, just tell me and I’ll repost it :)

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Everyone has a gay cousin. If you don’t have a gay cousin, then you might be the gay cousin

Omg the tags lol. Just a bunch of people realizing that they are the gay cousin and I think that’s beautiful haha.

i have two gay cousins… I’m the other other gay cousin.

Emma Thompson warmly thanking her husband while accepting the Empire best actress award (x)

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Hello, my name is Adele, or Kat, the latter is more of a nickname. I’m a 21 year old trans girl who also happens to be a type 1 diabetic without insurance. What is diabetes, you may ask? Diabetes is a disease that infects the pancreas that hinders/disables it from producing insulin, therefore, I have to dose before meals and before bedtime or else I could go into ketoacidosis, where the body experiences high a blood sugar for too long, and basic body functions begin to fail. I’ve been hospitalized twice for this since I was diagnosed at 15 years old, and prolonged exposure to high blood sugar can effect the body in many harmful ways, like the loss of hands or feet, kidneys shutting down, loss of vision, etc. In case you didn’t know, insulin is a very expensive, novolog, for example, is over $450 for a single vial, and lantus being around $400 a vial. I currently live with my mother and brother which helps some of the financial strain, as well as having insulin still left over, but it won’t last forever, and what I aim to accomplish with this is to save up enough money for me to be able to buy it when it does run out, so I’m starting this a little early. If anyone sees the Amazon gift card post, don’t reblog it, as I would prefer money being put into my bank account. 

If you would like to donate to me to help me financially, you can donate to my PayPal, which I have a button which links you directly, or you can send it to from PayPal itself. Even if you can only spare $1, it would help in the long to help me to afford my own insulin or to help me afford insurance which I have been denied help from the government already, and looking into private insurances. 

Please! Even if you can’t afford it, reblog and signal boost, This is very important. 

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Hi, I’m Barbie ™ - Vine by Sarah Mangone

is she actually barbie


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And like it or not, more and more women are gamers, just like you and I. So instead of completely dismissing their concerns, maybe, just maybe, take a little more time to listen to what they feel, why they feel they’ve been mostly marginalized in games.

I look forward to games that take more time building their female personalities, rather than just using them as tools or helpers that throw you things, and you should too. Because frankly, that’s gonna lead to
more interesting stories, opportunities and new experiences.

And honestly, guys, we’re
gonna have our stripper mini-games and our princess-savers, so why not campaign alongside them to see more mature games rise for everyone else as well?

Video game reviewer Angry Joe giving his rant about the response to Anita Sarkeesian’s videos discussing female tropes in video games. [ x ]

Right on the fucking ball!

"So take a breather and realise it’s perfectly fine for women to ask questions - to criticise pointless and exploitative material, and to look forward to more games that elevate their gender, women, to more than goals or objects to be won or saved, and into legitimate heroes in their own right.

And, after all that, if you still don’t get it, bro, and you think she should die and every feminist with her - it’s because, number one, you’re a fucking idiot. Number two, you couldn’t give a shit about anyone but yourself. And, number three, outside your mother, you’ve never had to actually care about what other women think or feel.”

I found his little speech to be incredibly motivating and well spoken. I really like and respect the man, so this made me like him and respect him even more.

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Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there…..;)

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❝ It’s lovely that Robin Thicke thinks his marriage is worth saving, but this is not the way to go about it. This entire album, the track names, the hashtag; if this is in fact a sincere effort to “get her back” it’s basically a how-to on abuser dynamics. Rather than allowing Patton the time and space to decide whether or not to reconcile in private, with this album, Thicke has effectively enlisted the public to get on his side and pressure her into going back to him, and make her the villain if she refuses. “Oh, but he wrote a whole album about her! He’s really sorry!” All while he rakes in the cash, and she loses her resolve to stay away from a man who cheated on her, publicly embarrassed her and ruined a decades long relationship. ❞

BattyMamzelle: Let’s Talk About Robin Thicke’s Manipulative Ploy To “Get Her Back” (via brutereason)


(via anukii)

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